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Working in the creative field has not always been an easy route to navigate. Whether you’re a student in a creative program or working on passion projects, there are no manuals for choosing a professional path to fuel your artistic ambitions. Working hard to achieve your goals is one thing, but taking time for yourself is another crucial step in developing a healthy relationship with your body. Cherishing small, intimate moments in your life acts as a comforting reminder to be kind to yourself, both mentally and physically.

Continuing the conversation of self-care, we spoke with Shivani Sharma on how she maintains loving moments with herself in order to create clarity in her hectic schedule.

Based in Toronto, Shivani Sharma is a published brand photographer and content creator. With a BFA in Photography from OCAD University, the 26-year-old has been featured in British Vogue and INTRA Magazine. Aside from working as a full-time photographer, Shivani also dabbles in other outlets; such as content creation for her Instagram @moderndayshiivalry, and is the founder of Modern Day Swim, a women’s swimwear line launched in 2020. 



R: As a freelance photographer, you work with a multitude of creatives from around the world; what one piece of advice stuck with you the most? 


S: Meeting other creatives, learning about each other's bands, and what we do is something that motivates me. Keep working on your craft and what you love to do, no matter how hard some days can get. The feeling of getting better and growing as an artist is so incredible and indescribable!


R: As stated in your portfolio “... she doesn't stop creating and is always dipping her toes in new projects..”, where do you draw inspiration from?


S: I’m inspired by other women who are so incredibly hardworking in the creative industry, whether that be fashion design, graphic design, photography, videography, or anything along those lines. I’ve never been one to stay put for too long; my mind always needs something to fulfill and create!



R: How has your self-care routine differ from when you were a student? 


S: When I was a student, I almost had no time to understand what self-care even meant. I worked a restaurant job, was in school full time, did an internship, and was also influencing for brands. Now that I've established a career path, I've had more time to learn what my body and mind desire from me. 



R: Tattoos are a popular form of artistic expression; what are the meanings behind your favourite tattoos? 


S: A lot of my tattoos come from spontaneous moments and thoughts; most are never fully planned out until a few days prior. During my 25th year, I was going through a difficult period and utilized tattoos to convey my feelings. My tattoos are a representation of my development as a woman, as well as what makes me joyful, memories, and individuals who have affected my life.



R: After a busy day of work, how do you unwind mentally and physically?


S: As a photographer and creator, I spend a lot of time on my laptop and phone. The best option for me was escaping reality and turning my life off for a few moments to flip through novels. I also enjoy a nice hot shower to detox!


R: What are your guilty pleasures?


S: This may be very basic but I have such a sweet tooth. I strive to limit my sugar intake, but when I get the opportunity to enjoy desserts, my heart melts! I'm also interested in spirituality, so anything to do with tarot or spiritual healing is a guilty pleasure of mine. 


R: What is something small that you do for yourself daily?


S: Whenever I take a break to eat, I make sure to watch a show to help relieve any tension or worry. I’m happily watching Sex and the City right now, which is always a great laugh!



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