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Fabric Care Tips

We want your RE ONA garments to last you for a long time. Below are some tips to extend the life of your favorite pieces.

  • Spot wash- sometimes, it is not necessary to wash the entire garment. In cases where you may have a stain, spot wash the area with a stain remover. 
  • Hand wash- in the case when you need to wash the entire garment, hand-wash in cold or lukewarm water. This helps to reduce shrinking and fading. Remember to turn your garment inside out, and this will help to keep it looking newer.
  • Air Dry- while it may take longer, air drying allows your clothes to last longer and saves the cost of replacing them before their time.

The tips above extend your clothes' life and reduce carbon footprint and energy costs. Get more wear out of your clothes, often wear and for a long time. 

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