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Prominent in the last year, the theme of self-care has become growingly important in our daily lives. Curious to know more, we wanted to encourage our community to define what exactly self-care meant to them with #selfcarewithreona. From our experience, we believe that taking time to nourish the mind, body, and spirit enables us to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves in order to release positive energy onto others.

As part of our CORE COMFORT campaign, we sit down with friends of RE ONA to learn about their conceptions of self-care, and their personal journey to self-acceptance. 

Located in a small UK village, Lotte Elizabeth, also known as @lotteegs is a familiar face to our audience. As a health & fitness enthusiast and mother to her 2 year old son, Lotte uses self-care to focus on fuelling her mental and physical spirit. Maintaining a lifestyle filled with movement and proper nutrition, Lotte hopes to one day inspire her son to follow in similar footsteps.



R: From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, the pandemic has had an impact on many facets of our everyday lives. What is something you’ve discovered about yourself in the last year?

L: Creating and adhering to routines keeps me sane, and movement is the best therapy.

R: As a mother of your beautiful son, how do you balance self-care with other obligations, such as work and family?

L: I want my self-care to set an example; taking time to go outside, making healthy choices, and staying active are all habits I’d like my son to form. I think it becomes easy to balance when it’s also now a part of my parenting.

R: Have you created any new self-care rituals during the pandemic?

L: I make sure I have time alone every evening, and in that time, I put no pressure on myself to do anything!



R: From your Instagram stories, you seem to be quite the chef! How does food play a role in your self-care routine, if at all?


L: I can't always have time for a seven-step skincare routine, but I always make time for my diet. I appreciate how good food can instantly improve my mood and shift my mentality and focus. If I'm feeling unmotivated, the first question I ask myself is, "Have I properly fuelled my body today?" 


R: What is your comfort food?


L: It has to be hazelnut croissants! 


R: What are the methods you use to listen to your body?


L: I try to remind myself daily of the importance of simply sitting still and being in the moment. As well as the fact that sleep and rest are also productive.


R: Do you have a morning ritual, if so what is it?


L: My mornings always begin with my son tugging me out of bed. Coffee is essential, followed by a HIIT workout, which I rarely skip.


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